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  1. Dimitar Berbatov
  2. City in the EPL???
  3. Worst tackle you hv ever seen!!!
  4. Are MU now more worried about Arsenal or Chelsea?
  5. Cesc Fabregas
  6. wonderkids
  7. Robinho Vs C.Ronaldo
  8. Footballers who are Real ROLE MODELS!!!
  9. Most over-rated footballer..
  10. Thaksin will give Sven 150m and say: Buy the best
  11. From Birmingham to Wigan: Has Bruce made the right decision?
  12. What would you do if you were the King of England?
  13. Signs of trouble at Liverpool
  14. Should FA punish Alex Ferguson?
  15. Jose Mourinho where will he end up?
  16. Sevilla ends Arsenal unbeaten run!!
  17. FIFA World Player of the Year Shortlist
  18. Short Termism in England
  19. Unbeaten run
  20. Ronaldo dives and wins penalty, again.
  21. Jose Mourhino cheated the England FA ?
  22. EPL Thuggish/Cheaty XI
  23. SuperSunday: Arsenal vs Chelsea.
  24. SuperSunday: Liverpool vs Manchester United
  25. Who is your choice of England captain?
  26. Which Top 4 Managers you dislike the most?
  27. World Player & European Player Of the Year Award!!!
  28. Title race
  29. Top of the Table??
  30. CHampion league draw for knockout round
  31. Best passer in the Premier League..
  32. Who is your Player of the Season so far ?
  33. Phil Dowd: A DISGRACE
  34. Mid Term report
  35. The TITLE RACE
  36. Thank you, Avram Grant
  37. How Rafa Lost Liverpool The Title
  38. Battle for 4th spot
  39. Spurs Thrashed AFC 5-1 in the CC Semi Final!!!
  40. 1 More Wk to go For the Jan Transfer Window!!!
  41. Can Chelsea win all 4 titles?
  42. Ferguson pisses on his pants!
  43. Battle for Golden Boot
  44. Apart from your team, who would you support..
  45. Premier League goes global
  46. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur---CC Final
  47. Edurado Injury
  48. Avram Grant, the "chancer" loses it
  49. Gazza - feel sorry for the lad
  50. Italy and Uefa
  51. bluff your way to the top of the game
  52. FUMING Arsene Wenger has gone into meltdown claiming Arsenal are being victimised.
  53. The rudest player in the world?
  54. All 4 English teams in QF's
  55. Jose Mourinho wants to "KILL" Chelsea
  56. Thaksin arrested and bailed on Thailand return
  57. The wonder that is Barnsley
  58. Big Four are Not the Best
  59. UCL: Chelsea vs Liverpool: Third time lucky?
  60. Toyer's view of MAN U planting Agents
  61. Grant CRACKS like Rafa did!!!
  62. Abramovich to give manager a blank cheque book
  63. C Ronaldo chokes on big stage, again...but, MU will be in final
  64. Avram Grant will prove that Chelsea have underachieved under Jose Mourhino!!!
  65. Will MU become the Joker of the Year?
  66. Chelsea FC vs Manchester United - Champions League FINAL
  67. Avram Grant, You Are Damn Right !
  68. Best 5 players
  69. Mourinho at Inter Milan
  70. MU will appoint Mark Hughes to be Man City coach ??
  71. WHo will be the new manager of chelsea FC?
  72. how was the EURO?
  73. Chelsea Have Ruined Football!
  74. Sepp Blatter & C Ronaldo - Disgusting!
  75. Fantasy Premier League
  76. Finally... The transfer window is closed!!!
  77. Rafa's choices aka Rafa's blushes