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  1. Good Songs
  2. Which Type of Music do you hate?
  3. Movie or clip in the making..
  4. damaster's RhymeShack
  5. name the movies u rate 9 on 10
  6. For all those who appreciate good music...
  7. Scrubs
  8. The wonder years
  9. My Girl My World - DJ Screamjack
  10. DJ Screamjack's sweet soundin thread
  11. Writers' Strike
  12. Currently Listening to....
  13. Back To The Future Movies Anyone??
  14. Doogie Howser M.D.
  15. Om Shanti Om and Saawariya
  16. Metal thread!
  17. reality shows
  18. the rap battle: damaster vs djscreamjack
  19. F.r.i.e.n.d.s
  20. watch out the first part of my movie- "Death of Ayrton Senna"
  21. Movie of the Year
  22. Traveler: A new tv show.
  23. Britney vs. Kylie
  24. The Office ( US)
  25. Music/Songs For Empowerment
  26. Instruments
  27. High School Musical 2
  28. Southpark
  29. Bollywood: NACHLE
  30. Erm, it's my first time.....so erm, be nice!! =p
  31. Wrote this within a half hour of posting my first 'song/poem' thread :S
  32. Family Guy/ The Simpsons?
  33. What i'm listening to...
  34. HEROES season 2
  35. sopcast - footy over the internet
  36. who is ur favourie rape singer
  37. which Hollywood movie do you consider a master piece?
  38. Transformers
  39. Anyone knows the Name of this English movie pls?
  40. Juno--Did anyone see it?
  41. Any good horror movies?
  42. Pirates of the Carribean
  43. The Golden Compass
  44. Is there any other movie industry that can compete with Hollywood?
  45. What`s the best concert you`ve ever seen?
  46. Office no-show
  47. movie to be released in 2008
  48. any movies that you want to recommend to us?
  49. What made you start watching Gossip Girl?
  50. Your Favourite television characters
  51. Best show ever?
  52. Do you watch Lost?
  53. the actress that you would love to see?
  54. Favorite movie
  55. Movie- dragonball
  56. prison break
  57. I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry.
  58. Jodhaa Akbar
  59. Californication, Anybody watch this?
  60. DARK KNIGHT - BATMAN(one of the best movies ever)